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Ace Cafe meeting Tuesday 8 July

Golf Juliet Tango

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Officially the meeting for London (West) and Middlesex Area.

The next meeting is Tuesday 8 July, in the early evening.


Calling all Club members in west and north-west London together with surrounding areas, all the way out to the M25 and a little beyond. Join other Seven enthusiasts at the London meeting where cars are welcome! However, if you do not have time to collect your car/can not take it to work, you are still very welcome. Which is fortunate as I will be working in (fairly) central London, so will arrive courtesy of Travel for London ☹️.


The Ace Cafe is one of those essential locations for those who are enthusiastic about cars or bikes and has been so for 75 years. It is this petrolhead connection which concerns us, our monthly Club night coincides with its classic car night and the meeting of the Sprite & Midget Club.


They have good, simple food, Menu here (sadly it doesn't resolve well) and, in my opinion, particularly excellent cakes. Remember, if you are ordering coffee, you need to specify real coffee, or you will end up with instant!


Stephen (acting AR)

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Quoting Golf Juliet Tango: 
A nice meeting. Good turnout despite the showers. *thumbup*

Ewen's silver 21 looks good, I might be converted to GT covers for the headlights 😳.


Was great to meet you and the other L7 club members. Will definitely do it again.


At least the shower allowed me to test the roof for leaks!

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