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I had a feeling I would be back.....

Scott Dabinett

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I don't think I can go much longer without a 7 in the garage so if the right car comes along I will be very very tempted. I do however have quite a strict guideline for what I want my next one to be.


-1.6 or 1.8 or 2.0


- 6 Speed Box

- tillets

- Throttle Bodies

- If rover engined it must have had the the head gasket done by DVA


I know it rounds picky but I would rather hang out for a decent car than rush into buying one I'm not 100% with. Might be willing to budge on 1 or 2 of the things so let me know what you have.



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Good luck with your search Scott, bumped into Dad and he said you were still weighing up the options *wink*.


Presumably looking at a private rather than something in the trade?


Regards Paul.



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Quoting R400C: 
... and the 6 speed box ... slightly harder and more expensive to sort but with the engine spec might not be missed anyway ...


titanium7 did offer me the car after I put this up but it is just outside of my max budget unfortunately.



Quoting mav: 
with the greatest of respect, DVA is not the only person capable of changing the head gasket...


Hi Mav, I'm sure there are many other people that can do it but after dave did mine before I had great confidence in the car so would quite like that again. If the relevant paperwork was with a car showing a well known specialist had done the head gasket I'm sure I would be happy.

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