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Slight Moistness in my Outhouse


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The rear wall of my garage, two neighbours' garden walls and a door/window and flat roof built by previous occupants (about 12 years ago I think) make up the outhouse in the corner of our garden. It was previously used as a home office and is fully wired and has a storage heater.


I use it to store what our neighbours have in their garages - bicycles, garden paraphernalia, old furniture, paint etc so my garage can be neat and tidy for the 7 and its associated bits and pieces; however, it smells damp and musty and a dusty mould is appearing on various items stored in there.


There is no sign of a significant leak but a similar mould is showing on one wall and the ceiling. The roof looks fine (to me) externally.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?


My thoughts include hiring (buying?) a decent dehumidifier and once I think it's dry, re-painting the walls and ceiling to seal them.


Though to put my mind at rest properly, I think I ought to take part of the ceiling down to see what dampness there is above and identify where it's coming from; something needless to say, I'd prefer to avoid doing.


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It won't be a cavity wall and it possibly won't have a dpc, adding paint as a sealer won't help, as suggested earlier reduce obvious water ingress and increase ventilation.


It's basically a posh shed its not constructed as a habitable room so don't expect it to be as dry as one. I personally wouldn't waste money on heating or dehumidifying as it's basically a posh shed.


Dave *smile*


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Agree with what folk are saying. From experience unless you have an obvious leak in the roof then your damp is probably a combination of the culprits previously mentioned. You often get this type of issue in underused rooms which can be overfilled with items stored. Getting some degree of airflow through and round the room and contents might solve the issue.
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Thanks everyone...


I think it is probably a combination of the various suggestions - it is pretty full, the ventilation isn't great, etc... though I am confident the gutters are clear.


So a good clear out is probably called for to give more airflow and careful attention to make sure the air bricks are clear for the same reason.

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