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Max Luke and Sam Luke

Matthew Willoughby

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Yes indeed time for the old boy to retire & let the young ones have a crack at it *wavey*


Just registered Sam online & will have a word with Sam at 7 HQ tomorrow to register Max *thumbup*

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So Sams Competing in the largest / Best class in the championship :-)


Class 2


Is Max doing a shared drive with Sam ?


Edited by - comp.scorer on 7 Jul 2014 07:54:55

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Shared drive in class 2 for both them please, well until they break it anyhow 😳


No just yet Rob, it still scares me to be honest so probably be a bit much to start with 😬

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Championship numbers will be :-


524 Sam Luke

624 Max Luke


i've found that the easiest way for the two numbers is use the number five and use some black gaffer tape over the gap of the 5 to make the 6. saves trying to fit 4 digits on 😬

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