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Thank goodness for over ten-years sevening, a skid-pan course at uni and countless hours in the race-sim world! 😬


There's an awkward uphill 90+ degree turn in South Queensferry (near the Forth bridges) which isn't helped by the road narrowing to *almost* one lane due to nearby buildings.


I was just cursing the Range Rover driver who had come unnecessarily-wide around the corner downhill when the rear of my mx5 let go at less than 20mph and with no provocation. It was second-nature to catch and contain the slide - but not for the first time have I found myself somewhat amazed by how much momentum a conventional car has in a slide compared to a seven - it just seemed to want to slide for ages and needed far more room than a 7 would.


My sevens have run on relatively-slippy AO21s for years too - so it's not as if the ease with which I expect to catch a slide is too influenced by the rubber.


The old-lady at the bus-stop halfway up the hill looked rather amazed/disapproving (not sure which)! *tongue*

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Meant to say that there must be a bit of spillage there - not too bad otherwise I'd have popped in to the cop-shop around the corner to warn them. I did a mini brake-test on the return journey and the fronts locked up easily - but with no significant cornering issues.
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It's only happened to me once before - but that time it was deliberate. Two winters ago, I decided to tickle the car in a straight line on a frosty patch of road to gauge grip at the start of a journey. The car did exactly the same thing - it went sideways (but I was ready for it). What surprised me was how reluctant it was to stop sliding.


I ordered a set of winter tyres later that morning and have sung their praises ever since.


There's an acute left-hander (main-into-minor) on my normal route home. In the winter, you can see through the hedges (or see headlights etc) and have a pretty-good idea if anything is coming the other way. Even with some hefty weight-transfer and a good bootful, I can barely get the inside-left to spin in the dry/semi-dry - let alone unstick the rear as a whole.


My conclusion has been that the 1.8 is far from over-powered or under-tyred - it has more grip than it needs unless you encounter ice/diesel/whatever. The absence of any traction or stability control can undoubtedly catch out the unaware - and even with my background, can open the eyes a little wider! *biggrin*

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