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eBay: "New" HPC Cosworth 1700 BDR 170bhp, Unregistered, 171 Miles


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Just out of interest (not wanting to buy it or anything), I saw this on eBay. 1987 HPC Cosworth BDR on carbs, has only done 171 miles and has never been registered.


Looks like a nice car, but ... assuming that it is genuine (and I'm not suggesting otherwise), would there be any way to register this now, or would it be forever a track-only car? i.e. if it was registered for the first time now, would it be subject to 2014 emissions regulations which I guess it wouldn't stand a chance of meeting instead of 1987 regulations?

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Strange it was a factory build but never went for SVA...

I thought that was included in the price for factory build?


Unless maybe it was for export and never made it?


I guess there would be a CoN in the paperwork.


Would need some work for SVA though.

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I have a set of those wheels in a 13" de-dion fitment I use for trackdays sold to me by a guy with a BDR who had both 13" and 14" in the same design (KN as others have stated).


Will be interesting to see whether the buyer shows up on here and how they get on with registration...

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