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Outlook not able to send emails when overseas

Ian B

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*confused* one for the computers wizz's?


I'm running Outlook as part of MS Office Professional Plus 2010 on a windows 7 laptop. ISP is 1&1.


Normally when home in UK on a wifi network it sends and receives email without issue.

Now in France, connected to Chateau's wifi network, I can receive emails, but when I send them they sit in the outbox and I get "operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending SMTP server".


Any suggestions without the pain of going through 1&1 support?



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Jonathan is probably right, but I wold make another try.


What server are you using to send out emails?

If you're using a server of your dsl provider it's possible that it works only if you're connected to their line.

You should use your email provider server.





By the way if Jonathan is right and 1&1 server is un reachable you should ask to the hotel, they should tell you another server to use.


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