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new phone


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Please save me from a fate worse than death. I have to choose a new phone, and just thinking about my last visit to a phone shop makes me tense.


I think i want either a Samsung s5 or an Lg G3. Anything to choose between them, and are there any other good candidates?


No iPhones though, just don't get the Apple way of doing things.


I'm leaning towards the LG G3 as for my use it may have a decent standby time.


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I have been considering a new phone and have narrowed it down to either an HTC One (expensive option) or Google Nexus 5 (cheap option).


Techradar rates both phones very highly and the latest HTC One (M8) is apparently the phone to have - but it is pricey.


I don't get Apple at all, so will be interested to hear your choice.

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Not sure it helps but I've had an S4 for over a year now and it's been pretty good, the battery life is decent and I never feel that it's slow in general use. I suspect the S5 is just the next step up.


Quite a few colleagues here do like the HTC One though.

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I have an HTC one and I have been plagued with charging issues. I now finally have a replacement from Vodafone that works.


It is a great telephone.


I recently upgraded my wife's phone to a Samsung Mini 3 and she loves it.


Not sure what to do next.


Longy 😬

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Quoting Molecular--Bob: 
Please save me from a fate worse than death. I have to choose a new phone, and just thinking about my last visit to a phone shop makes me tense.


Nobody HAS to have a NEW phone..

..unless you are a teenager?


Is your current one broken?

If not, why not get a sim-only contract?





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I did need a new phone, my 7 year old has reduced my old Samsung to a sticky mess, and the battery only lasts around 6 hours (and has a strangely lumpy look to it).


I have gone for the Samsung s5, it just felt a bit better in the hand, but i think i would have gone for the G3 if video was important to me, the screen quality really is a cut above.


Another advantage of the Samsung is that it integrates well with Polar heart rate monitors, and it is ip67 rated, so i can use it in the Caterham without fear.


I did consider HTC, but i know 2 people who had them fail inside 2 years.

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Ah - right.

Eldest son has recently got an S4 mini, that seemed quite impressive. He thought the full-size phones were bigger than he needed.


IP67 is pretty good for a phone. If it could withstand being shook around in a handbag with keys, etc., it would be ideal for SWMBO!


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AMENDED: The data below are ranked by Which? Score, see posts below.


Current Which? top 10 Best Buys for smart 'phones:

Apple iPhone 5s 64GB 85%

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 84%

Apple iPhone 5S 32GB 84%

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB 83%

Samsung Galaxy S5 79%

Apple iPhone 5 64GB 78%

Apple iPhone 5 32GB 77%

Apple iPhone 5 16GB 76%

Samsung Galaxy S4 76%

Apple iPhone 5c 32GB 76%




Edited by - Jonathan Kay on 5 Jul 2014 10:56:38

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They really are Apple fanboys, aren't they? A £709 phone takes "best buy"? Come on. Where's the £150 Motorola Moto-G? If I can buy nearly five of those for the price of the iPhone, doesn't that make them better value for money? Or doesn't price come into their comparison?
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Which? scores explained here

Should I buy it?

We give every phone we test a Which? test score so you can see which are the best and worst, as well as exactly how each compares to other models. So what does it mean? Well, the phone score ignores price and is based on our detailed analysed results broken down into the following:


The total test score is based on the following weightings:


50% - overall phone use (12.5% battery, 12.5% screen, 8.5% ease of use, 8.5% call quality, 4% processor, 4% features)

15% - camera

15% - web browser

15% - media player

5% - build quality

I ranked them by overall score and only gave the scores. You can rank them by Brand, Price or Score. There's a lot more on their site, including prices and details. It looks as if the idea is that they give you all the information and you make your own choice on functions, price etc.



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Having used both the S5 and the G3 in my professional capacity, I'd go for the G3 - better screen, better battery life, better at hanging on to 3G and 4G, and feels more solid.


That said, one of my team swiped the test sample of G3, so I'm back on a G2 at the mo. Given the price of the G2, it may be worth a look too....


Best of the others (IMHO) are Sony Xperia series, Huawei P6 & P7, HTC One and M8.



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You could be radical buy one of these with a battery that lasts ages




And one of these for your 'smart' activities https://www.apple.com/uk/ipod-touch/


(that is what I did, still have my phone when the smart thing's battery goes flat)

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Main Display 1.8-inch 256k colors TFT (128 x 160 pixels)


You sure they haven't missed some zeros off that? 😬


The problem with that solution is that the "smart" capabilities will only work over wifi, you've got no 3G/4G connection when there's no wifi around.


Of course you could add a MiFi device as well ...

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  • 2 months later...

To resurrect an old thread....


after Tom recommended the Moto G and Moto X, I looked at these in more detail and ended up buying a new Moto G off eBay, for £125 delivered (3G 16GB model).


I know it did not get as high a score on Which? as some other phones, but for the price it has been amazing. Battery life is superb (when I have not been using it much, it lasts for 3+ days between charges) and general functionality cannot be faulted. The only disappointment has been Chrome as web browser (does not display BC very well, with strange changes in font size), so I installed Opera, which is much better.

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