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""Every Jaguar is created to feel alive... "

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ASA Adjudication on Jaguar Land Rover Ltd


The complainant challenged whether the ads were irresponsible, because they believed they glorified speed and encouraged dangerous driving.



Jaguar Land Rover Ltd (Jaguar) said the footage of the cars on the open highway was filmed in Switzerland on closed sections of road on the Sustenpass and the Grimselpass. Jaguar explained that they wanted to make it clear the roads were closed with the inclusion of a caption in the ads. However, they said this was mistakenly omitted. Jaguar stated that the caption, which had now been included in the ads, stated "FILMED ON CLOSED ROADS WITH A PROFESSIONAL DRIVER. DO NOT ATTEMPT. ALWAYS OBEY LOCAL SPEED LIMITS". Jaguar said the emphasis of the ads was the technical features and abilities of the cars. They explained that there were overlays and cutaways to the technology in play under cornering and the demands of the road and the cars were shown at low speed or slow motion. Jaguar said the shots of the cars crossing lanes on the closed road were specifically to highlight the lightweight construction of the cars for cornering stability and safety.


Jaguar said the ads at no time demonstrated any dangerous driving. They said that despite the fact that an on-screen caption had been mistakenly omitted, they believed it was never the less clear that the roads in the ads were empty and there were no other road users or bystanders present. Jaguar said they did not believe the ads demonstrated unsafe or irresponsible driving and there was no indication that speed limits were broken, rather they stated that the cars were being driven at reasonable and controlled speeds. Jaguar said the edit of lines, revving and high tempo music were almost entirely associated with still shots of the car, or with displays of Jaguar's emblem and so they did not believe there was an association with speeding of the cars. They explained that they believed the main message of the ads was the technology, construction and features of the cars and speed was not the main message of the ads.




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an on-screen caption had been mistakenly omitted
Yeah, right. Omitting it was a mistake, which is why they didn't say it was omitted by accident (because it wasn't).


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So, if the car is lightweight, why was it necessary to cross lanes to emphasise this, as a light car could negotiate these bends without using all the road. But that wouldn't have the desired bravura.


And as they say at reasonable and controlled speeds, seems to show how poorly this vehicle would handle in "real" driving situations.


Another Luxxo Barge.



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Quoting StuB: 
I thought it had to be a significant number before any action was taken
The only relevant bid I can find in their processes is:
The decision to resolve cases informally is likely to be taken only if:

• the number and/or seriousness of the complaints does not provide good reason to investigate the case formally.

This came up in another thread. I don't see why the number of complaints should be a factor: it's whether it breaches the rules...




Edited by - Jonathan Kay on 2 Jul 2014 14:02:17

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And another: "The Art of Villainy"


A video ad, on Jaguar Land Rover Ltd's YouTube channel, titled "The Art of Villainy" was presented as part of Jaguar's "GoodToBeBad" ad campaign. The ad featured actor Tom Hiddleston playing a suave villain and his character talked about the factors that made a good villain. The ad featured the character driving a Jaguar F-Type in an underground car park and on a public road.




The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Jaguar Land Rover Ltd not to portray speed or driving behaviour that might encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly in future.

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