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Bear 7's (Warwickshire, North) monthly meet is this Thursday (3 July) from 7.30pm


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The monthly meet of the Bear 7's (Warwickshire, North) is this Thursday (03-July-14) from 7.30pm . . .




The Blue Lias,

Stockton Road,

Stockton, near Southam,

CV47 8LD


Telephone: (01926) 812249



I’m working away down south this time, but Terri is aiming to be there from around 7.30pm, so please come and say hello, particularly if you haven't been to our (or any) L7C meet before.


If you know you'll be coming along/eating, can you please let us know by email or on the thread below, so that we can reserve enough space in one part of the pub for the whole group.


Here's hoping for some dry weather for the cars . . . let's see if we can beat 19 people and 13 cars this time out.






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I'll see if I can get over for the meet.


Won't be in the 7, it is "trapped" in the garage and can't be released out to play 😔


The garage door broke a few days ago and probably won't get replaced for another 4-5weeks 🙆🏻

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1) Terri Foulger (Mrs Mavic82)

2) Guy Foulger (Mavic82)

3) (Token Jock)

4) Dave Allen (Dave Allen)

5) Marcus (techbod)

6) Andrew Ward (raw)

7) Heather Ward

8) Grant (Grant_7)

9) Andy (eagle)

10) Bob (bob-the-b)

11) David Briggs


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I'm working away Dave sadly so won't be there.

We have a rolling reserve on the inside section down by the bar.

I suggest that if you know it's going to be fine that you contact Terri and fly the suggestion by her.

Have a good one

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