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Tankfest 2014 Sunday pics

Phil G

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Thought I’d share a few photographs of a great day at the Bovington Tankfest on Sunday. Mostly from the same vantage point due to strongly defending our pitch by the fence....!




I think most of the legends are correct – I know there’s a lot of enthusiasts in the club, therefore, please let me know if I'm in error. *rolleyes*


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Excellent photos. Looks like a god event. I visited in the Caterham earlier in the year (33 years after my last visit) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great museum.


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Out of interest, one of the photos shows a tracked vehicle with two 'steering' wheels at the front. Does anyone know if the tracks and the steering input to the wheels are linked somehow. I would have thought that the traction from the tracks would make the streeting wheels pretty ineffectual - allowing you to turn the vehicle in the opposite way to the front wheels if you wanted to.


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Great pictures. Technically the Tiger is the shortened term for Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf.E but that's a bit of a mouthful especially if one's shooting at you 😬

The 131 is just the designation it had to determine which tank it was of what group it was with.


Here's one I made earlier http://i1048.photobucket.com/albums/s373/tobycoulson/The%20stash/IMG_1360_zps2f1f07d5.jpg. *wink*


I think the T34 shown is in fact a T38/85 but then again it's a T34 with 85(76mm being the other earlier option) referring to the size of its gun. Who said size doesn't matter *wink*


I do like the little Matilda. Imagine driving that and coming face to face with a Tiger 😳



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JonL - I believe the Hanomag halftrack had drive and steering through the front wheels plus track steering, whereas the US version only had steering at the wheels - Toby, correct me if I'm wrong. 😬


Correct on all counts Toby. *thumbup*

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