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Etihad .......opinions before i confirm a booking ?

Mark w

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Just about to push the button on a booking for flights to Australia , out to Sydney , back from Melbourne .


I have a reservation but need to confirm tomorrow .


All legs business class .


Chosen on price , they are the cheapest of the " known " carriers ( i discounted the various chinese and korean offerings) .Quite a step up price wise to Singapore Airlines ( to the extent that i cannot think that they are THAT much better .........)


Any horror stories or tips before i press the button on the Etihad booking ?.



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They are good, Quantas have caused themselves issues by getting into bed with EK.


I disagree with Croc re BA, but they are usually a lot more expensive on this route though and only fly into SYD once daily




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Definitely *thumbup* from me. Have flown biz class to Aus on Ethihad, Qantas and most recently Emirates. Whilst Emirates scores highest, Ethihad above Qantas and I wouldn't consider BA. I fly BA regularly, mainly to US but is loosing it big time.


What let's BA down is the Zimmer frames in the aisles used by the stewardesses 😬



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