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I know it's been mentioned in other threads but Rolf Harris Guilty on all charges.....


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A childhood icon blown to bits... ☹️ 😔


But fully deserved given what he has been charged with *mad*


I admired Rolf for his graphics and painting (cartoon time etc).


I had fond memories of his songs ('two little boys', tie me kangaroo down sport....)


Enjoyed his empathetic manner on the animal programmes he presented...


Now will probably die in jail......having used his fame and personality as a cover up to molesting and groping young girls. As a dad to two young girls I am both shocked and angry that this type of thing has gone on.


But also totally surprised. Who else will come out the woodwork I wonder?

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I know what you mean, with some of the others like Saville, my reaction was that I'd always found him a bit creepy and wasn't very surprised.


I always liked Rolf Harris on TV, and it is particularly disturbing that he has deceived everyone so well and for so long. It certainly sounds like he deserves a long prison sentence.


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Credit where it's due boys!


Rumour had it while you lot were falling off yer horse he had his stylophone tucked up Jakes 3rd Peg.


But I'm not sure if that was on top of his wobble board or under it? Hmm.....

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Quoting Alex Rae: 
A childhood icon blown to bits...


Snigger. *eek*


Like other posters, I'm surprised by this. I liked him on TV when I was wee. Sadly too many people who were on TV when I was little were not pleasant people. *mad*



Am pretty confident there are a lot of wrong 'uns in the current generation of TV and other celebs. They're held in even higher esteem these days it appears.

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Sir David Attenborough was my hero when young and still is. Glad to say he's never been guilty of al this Yewtree stuff...........................................

I did like Harris along with Tony Hart another TV artist and was very surprised when Harris was found to be involved in this unpleasant activity.

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I can't quite get to grips with this either.

Childhood reminiscing no longer holds the magic it once did. I'm afraid that the world is a much colder, darker place than I had ever imagined. Innocence totally gone.


Very sad news for many reasons.

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Saville always looked rather creepy. And the rumours of necrophillia have been around for ages. But then I heard that Prince Phillip had an affair with Nannette Newman as well, so what do you believe.


Rolf hid it well it seems. The mugshot they have published.....that tells a tale. Dead behind the eyes. It is that Harold Shipman look.


Telling also that he doesn't seem to have realised the situation he was in. Trying to engage in verbal jousts with the prosecution and having to be reminded this was about him and his crimes.


Wonder how long his wife (he admitted to an affair with the housekeeper who lived in the shed) and daughter (whose friend was assaulted) will stick with him. Although inheritance isn't to be sniffed out.



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The closest I've been to a paedophile case (sentenced to 10 years for offences against several girls) had two men on the scene. One was in his sixties, quiet, slightly creepy, always dressed in immaculate uniform. The other was a big bear of a man, life and soul, early thirties, farm manager, father of two young kids. Guess who was guilty and who was entirely blameless.


You can't spot paedophiles by their creepiness and "dead eyes".

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Quoting Tony Whitley: 
You can't spot paedophiles by their creepiness and "dead eyes".
Which opens a point that hasn't been discussed AFAIK. I don't think you can tell much about anyone's personality or behaviour through the filters of television or newspapers. But our society seems to assume that you can. There are lots of posts on BC reflecting this for politicians, F1 drivers, "celebrities" etc.


Will this series of cases change anyone's assumptions?




PS: As a medical student I participated in a series of group therapy sessions with several paedophiles with convictions for child abuse. I found it very disturbing. And I learnt that it isn't just pedantry to distinguish between paedophilia and sexual abuse of children.


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