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Retrofit Bluetooth / Parrot / ipod etc.


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For the tintop.

I need to get a hardwired bluetooth handsfree in the car.

It also seems like a good time to get an ipod connection to the sterio.


There appear to be kits to buy on ebay for £100 +/-

and kits that will do both for £150 +/-


Cartronics in west byfleet quoted £300 for Parrot + £300 for iphone connection ??


Am I missing something?


Any recommended fitters around Woking?



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Cartronics are hugely expensive! I had a parrot fitted by Halfords and it has been fantastic. Navigation through their menus could be better, but call quality is fantastic - it was all under £200 as I recall. Should have done it ages ago!
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To bring this up to date

Just had Justin Webster 07836 250 110 fit a Parrot Mki9000 for £260 inc vat

which included a bit more for removing a previously installed smart-nav system.


He is a well presented mid 50s chap, the kind that does the work and waits for you to send a cheque!


Happy to offer that as a recomendation



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