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FoS - the affair may have begun today.


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While having a thoroughly enjoyable day with SWMBO'd and number one son today I sloped away for a hour in search of the Elemental Rp1 and found her hiding in the rolling roadshow marquee.


Several of her creators were present and after a conversation opened the ladies clothing to show what's underneath. Lovely underpinnings and skeleton not to mention a well turned ankle Blackadder.


makes the atom look lardy and an elise/exige/211 look like it's from the last millennium (which they are of course).


Looks like an amazing team of talent putting it together from the chat I had with a couple of them all with proper motorsport design and engineering credentials.


long chat and short sit in the prototype and it felt so right (and wrong to be cheating on my mistress who is with tech7 for some tlc at the moment) but feel I have strayed today.


Simply Smitten.




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