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O/T Tom Tom Go

andy couchman

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Hi all


Thinking of upgrading my sat nav.


Want a bigger screen (5" or 6") and I like Tom Tom's live traffic updates.


Any suggestions? Stick with Tom Tom or is another brand better? Best deals? I like the idea of lifetime maps and live services too.


Currently have Tom Tom Via model 4E J41 with European maps.





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Hi Andy,


I have a TomTom Go5000 with live traffic and lifetime maps. Its a great device and on the whole works perfectly. However, there are a couple of gripes:


1) Unlike my old TTOne when you could view the route and decide to skip or ignore a step and let the system recalculate around a problem, this one doesn't seem able to do that.


2) the TT live services drop and disconnect itself from the network. Its easiest enough to check if they are operating but occasionally I haven't noticed they are disconnected and have headed into a traffic jam...


On the upside, the larger screen is very clear and easy to navigate. The system recalculates it's route far quicker than the older models. The powered screen holder is much better than having to remove a cable from the back of the unit and the information displayed alongside the map for delays and rest stops is easy to use and makes my commute into Manchester far easier than before.





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