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Alfa Mito

Martin Moxon

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Not a Mito but have just returned from a few days in Switzerland and was given the new Giuletta with the 1.4 turbo lump for a rental. Cracking little car......great engine, nice interior, had the Alfa 'DNA' switch which was fun.....(sport/normal/economy mode)


If this was anything to go by the Mito would be a ball.....and I know what you mean about the 'smile' factor.....I thrashed it for three days and still got 43mpg *smokin*



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Another *thumbup* for Giuletta, in laws went to look at Mito, and came back with the Giuletta, very pleased with it.

Poor salesman was very confused when they went to pick it up, he proudly went to sync their mobile with the bluetooth in car, and couldn't get it to work. After about ten minutes messing about, hr said, "you have got contacts in your phone, haven't you"? "No, we don't use them" said Mother in law. *rolleyes*

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Had a look at various reviews including honest john - heart says yes, head says no *confused*


Trouble is when it comes to me and tin tops I want both to say yes but want to avoid stuff others have eg minis (2 neighbours have them), DS3 (guy I share lifts with has one), Suzuki swift sport (fitted bill but couldn't get comfy driving position and my back and hip really hurt after 10 min test drive) 500 and panda 100hp (see swift) fiesta (too many at work).


Also budget limited say max £7k

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Current reliability scores from Which?


Supermini: best 5

Peugeot 107

Citroen C1

The car that dare not say its name on BlatChat Hybrid

The car that dare not say its name on BlatChat

Mazda 2


Supermini: worst 5 (I don't know if there were enough MiTi to get a score)

Citroen DS3

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

Smart ForTwo

Volkswagen Polo


Brands: worst 5




Land Rover

Alfa Romeo




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I was impressed by the reliability in the very wet weather a BMW X5 had ploughed into deep water and stopped ! I drove very gentle through no problems.


So far the reliability has been fine. Bought the car with 7,500 miles on the clock (3 years old), now about 19,000.


The only down side, compared with a Saab with fabulous comfortabe seats, they are not as good.

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