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Brand New CR500s on Minators - Testing the Water Only!


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Owing to a mahussive lack of decision making I've ended up buying from Caterham a set of CR500s 175 fronts and 205 rears (13") that have been put on an immaculate set of black Minators (6" front 7" rear). The full intention was to sell the MB wheels that came with my car and use the above as my road tyres...


To cut a long story short, I've kept the MBs and just purchased a nearly new set of extra wide Kumhos so potentially the CR500s have to go!


Problem is I stand to lose a bucket load on them what with the £50 fitting cost on the Minators so one option would be to sell the wheels at tyres complete for £650. Tyres were £450(ish) from Caterham and the Minators are in excellent condition.


I'll lose even more if I pay to take them off the wheels 😬


Any takers before I have to explain the amount of wheels and tyres in the garage to SWMBO?





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