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O/T bottles for home brew (beer) needed

A Ashby

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Hi all,


My son has just spent 6months 'studying' at Oslo Uni'. I went over last weekend to help him bring back all his stuff and discovered what he's been learning during that time.......


.....when he first sat down in front of a drum kit and then offered me some beer 😳 and frankly I was gob-smacked at how good both of them were *thumbup* Sadly we have neither the room nor the funds for a drum kit, but I don't mind buying some brewing gear if he can recreate what he produced over there.


So we're off to buy kit today, but what we will be missing is bottles and that's where my request comes in.....


Do any of you fellow Blatchatters have a suitable collection of beer bottles that we could take off your hands 🤔 🤔


Feels rediculous when I think of how many perfectly useable ones I've recycled in the time he's been

out there *redface*


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Will he be doing secondary fermentation in the bottles? If so, beware of the lightweight "eco" beer bottles that seem to getting more common. I wouldn't imagine they're very pressure resistant.


Are you keen to stick to 500ml not-quite-a-pint bottles, or could you use 2 litre pop bottles?

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Don't, what ever you do, use the lightweight bottles designed for one trip out of the brewery to the supermarket shelf, these are a hand grenade without a pin, in homebrewing, and when they go BANG in your bedroom in the dead of night there is more than just the mess on the floor to clean up. 😳


Just been out to the brewhouse, a good solid 500ml bottle, empty, is 420gm, less is not good.


And remember, cleanliness is next to brewing perfection.


Have fun, be patient, all beer is good, some is gooderer than others, if you see what I mean.




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I make ginger beer in the summer - rather hit and miss, 2-10% - and once I'd bought glass bottles I read that someone had experimented successfully with 'mineral water' bottles.


The theory was buy the own brand cheapest water for the bottles. The bottles will withstand the pressure, the insides will be sterile and you get the water for free 😬.


I think the same would apply to beer.

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Quoting TangoMikeRomeo: 
... the insides will be sterile...
Commercial mineral water typically contains more microorganisms than domestic tap water. They aren't usually harmful to humans and I don't know what the effect would be on beer production.




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Hi Andrew I'm only just down the road from you I brew my own beer.I use Shepherd Neame bottles they fit very neatly into folding crates from Wilcos. There is a very good little home brew shop behind the Dog & Gun just off Boxley Rd in Maidstone.
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P.S. If you want to borrow some bottles while you build your collection I've some spare I built my collection by asking mates for bottles and have now whittled it down to all S&N bottles for the crate reason above.


BTW I've found Hobgolin bottles no good!(My capping device dosen't work with them)

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Hi Roadru77er,


Sorry for the slow reply and thanks v much for the generous offer *thumbup* - we managed to secure a dozen or so usable ones over the weekend but might well take you up on that if it comes to it, cheers.


Right now it's brewing away nicely in the garage *smile*

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