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Cooling Fan Switch - 05 Roadsport 1600 K 120


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I need to replace the cooling fan switch as it's a bit temperamental (a tap with a spanner nudges it into action when it's not behaving....)


Not sure what I need - ie what the radiator is originally out of. What are the choices in an 05 K...?? Caterham out of stock - planning to use Halfords or motor factor but don't know what to ask for.... (Have read something somewhere, but in typical fashion can't find when I need it!)


Was about to upload a pic, but realise it needs to be hosted somewhere...with a link...


(Rad is silver and the switch sits immediately to the left of the top hose entry (as you look from the front) - rad has a breather/bleed nut(?) on the top immediately between the two. Only labelling on switch I can see is 92/87C (presumably temp range) and 2-1003... Does that help at all??).


Any thoughts welcome...







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It is definitely the switch RS2000 as I had it bypassed for a while.... (in the hot weather at Throckmorton for example). As anticipated, the Motor Factors had problems identifying it from just the switch itself Jonathon (rather too many options to go wading through) though I printed of Steve-B's part numbers and took that in. They found it on the system, and have ordered it in for Monday (as not in stock).... just hope it's the right one (it looked right on the photos)....


Thanks for the input guys...

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