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Nope – I went in 97, now that was proper mud. I remember the shear effort involved in just moving from one field to the next.


And the toilets – I don’t think they lost anyone that year….


Was thinking of maybe taking the family next year – tickets permitting.

Has any one else taken their kids?


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Did the stewarding thing for a few year, last time was 2011, we had a couple of great years weather wise but a shower was always welcome overnight to keep the dust down.

As for this year, well, it chucked down here last night (about 4 miles from Pilton by the crow) to the point the guttering was overflowing. Now it's chucking down again and I'm typing as I cuddle the dog cos we've had thunder & lightning with heavy showers for the last 40 mins.

I had the 7 down at Taunton for the MOT this morning and came back before the rain, shame I had the roof up just in case, came out of it boiled, was a bit hot on the way back.


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Quoting Abbot: 
my eyes, My eyes,


Ive just seen Blondie, Some people should concentrate on growing old gracefully.


She seems to be wearing some sort of harness - presumably with invisible wires on it to help her stay upright......... Still, not bad for 68.

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I watched Robert Plan earlier and thought 'must go and see him one day'. A quick search found a tour in November, so I'm going to the Glasgow gig in November. *thumbup*


I and my flat mates from Uni still kick ourselves for missing the Page and Plant tour in 1998, so the three of us are going to this one. Be good to be out and about together I'm Glasgow again. *smile*

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Back from Glastonbury today. That was the third time I've been and it provide the usual entertainment - bands plus all the other stuff that makes Glastonbury special.


Ended up missing some of the bands I had meant to see and saw most of the others by accident. IIRC: Jake Issac, War on Drugs, Band of Skulls, Haim, Paolo Nutini, Shaolin Afronauts, Lana Del Ray, Robert Plant, Metallica, English National Ballet (opened by Billy Bragg), The 1975, Dolly Parton (and Richie Sambora), the Wailers , Alison Moyet, Suzanne Vega plus partial sets from some others.


However I personally find the best bits of Glastonbury are the huge film like sets of the South East corner (the common, block 9 and Shangrila) and the 'other wordly'/wierd and wonderful stuff away from the main stages.


This year overhead some pretty similar conversations whilst queuing - Goodwood, Henley, Epsom and pro's and cons of various coffee makers being ones that come to mind - gives some idea of the demographic that turned up.


Took hundreds of photos, which I'll undoubtedly save on disk and then forget about so I've grabbed some to put on flickr or they will never see the light of day again: here (Just taken straight from camera, re sized and uploaded - no post processing and probably a few mistakes included). Should display chronologically from Tues evening to very early Monday morning.


All in all, if not a vintage year, nevertheless a generally good Glastonbury I think.


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