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One for the PPL brigade


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I thought my colleague was pulling my chain when he said that his instructor had recently been in an accident where she had been able to save the day by deploying a parachute on her plane when she experienced total engine failure. Here is a pic and short article.


Is this common technology on light aircraft in the UK?



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Just done a quick google, the CAPS deployment only effects the airframe on the early versions of CAPS. In the last few years the gen 2 CAPS no longer deploy the straps from under the skin of the airframe.


The CAPS system needs to be repacked every 10 years. 5 day process by the looks of it.


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Quoting the_village_idiot: 
I'm surprised it's necessary on a plane- don't they have a decent enough glide characteristic to make a landing hard but equally survivable as a chute?


Wait for the PPL people before guessing :)


Just guessing (despite contrary advice...!) that the outcome of a glide-in depends significantly on whether you have somewhere flat-ish to put down, where a parachute landing can (as the pictures appear to suggest) put you into a forest, or onto a rocky hillside, in a more survivable manner.


Plus, the parachute gives you another option if any of your wings or control surfaces are damaged or inoperable.



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