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A wet castle combe....


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As it looks like the Classic and Retro day is going to be a bit wet this weekend what are the POBC thoughts on CR322s vs CR500s in the wet, i have a fairly worn set of CR500s on at the moment but the offer of a set of CR322s to borrow. Are these a good bet in the wet or are the CR500s just a better tyre for all round performance?




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322s are no worse than 500s in the rain, but they're not necessarily better either. What you want is whatever is brand new!


If your 500s are at the wear bars (that would be fairly worn in my language) then I would be REALLY CAREFUL at Combe. It is very unforgiving of a mistake in the rain. For racing I always have a brand new set of tyres for the rain.



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Thanks Jez, i had pretty much ruled out the worn 500s for saturday for exactly that reason but was wondering about the 322s. i live about 3 miles from castle combe so am only too aware of the short distance between tarmac and tyre walls - across wet grass!


I have now nipped down to avon tyres and picked up a brand new set of 500s. The guy at Avon said the 500s are vastly superior to 322s in the wet. He also said they will be replaced soon with a new ZZS which is going to push the 500 performance even further.

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