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Does anyone know this Seven for sale in Oxfordshire?


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A friend is looking for his first Seven and he came across this one on Pistonheads


Does anyone here know the car or the owner? Seems like a decent spec. Price maybe seems a fraction high but I would've thought only by £500 or so and it is summer (well, officially anyway *wink*).


Any thoughts are welcome. My friend is looking for a reasonably low-ish spec/power/price combo so if anyone knows of another one available, let me know.


TIA, Andy


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I went to see this car a few years ago when a previous owner was selling it up in the North West. Lovely colour but at the time I was put off by the extent of the corrosion on the frame & suspension although the advert suggests that this has now been fixed.

It drove quite well (other than a significant flat spot on throttle pick-up when less than fully warm) but after some consideration I decided to spend very little more & bought a K Series engined car with deDion.

Interestingly it's not depreciated in the years between me seeing it & now but then I guess that's another big advantage of owning a 7.


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If he's looking for a first 7, I will soon be putting up a 1995 1.4K SS dedion.

It's low mileage and has loads of extras, including LSD.


It'll come with tax and full MOT (just failed on handbrake effectiveness, but new pads are on order).


I'll put it up on PH when it's ready, but feel free to BM me for details/pics.


Oh - it'll be (well) under £9k as well - I feel a lot of the older cars on PH are 'optimistically' priced for the summer...



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1998 live axle, 8v Vauxhall, full cage, probably an ex-Scholarship car. I looked at a few in '98 when I bought my first 7 .. ended up buying a 1400K and must agree with Simon that they're much better cars.



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