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Investigations into Jimmy Savile

Jonathan Kay

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And victims male and female between the ages of 5 to 75.


The Louis Theroux interview said it all for me as you were watching a man who maintained a veneer ostensibly quirky but actually really sinister.


What Theroux failed to do unlike so many of his subjects was to get him to trip himself up and expose himself.


If only we had followed our gut feel of prosecuting the weirdo his victims may have had a chance at justice.


Except the dead ones 😳 *nono*

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I don't think the government as such has given anything to Mr Oisin. Why should they ?


Ghastly though Savile was I am now sick and tired of the police's obsession with investigating crimes alleged to have been committed by people who are dead. What is the expected outcome ? It is impossible to charge, let alone try and convict somebody who cannot defend himself on account of having shuffled off the mortal coil, in some cases many years ago...

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