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Petty Stut's for SV's


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So fellow sprinters, there seems to be a number of members who have SV's who are thinking about sprinting next year.


There appears to be a desperate shortage of SV petty struts.


Does anyone know if there is another source other than Caterham ?

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Firstly, ill apologise to Andy, David and anyone who's heard thus more than once. I was in the same situation earlier this year. I ordered one from Caterham even though the website said out of stock they quoted 4 weeks for them to get a few from Caged. I was running it close as I needed the strut for Blyton.


Called Caterham up the 3 and a bit weeks into their timescale and they suggested I would be waiting a few more weeks and thus not have one for Blyton. I put a wanted advert on Blatchat for an SV strut and I was surprised when within a few hours I had 5 to choose from either to buy or borrow. Just as I was arranging to pick the closest one up, Caterham rang me to say they had actually got my strut ready for dispatch. Shows their timescales aren't always accurate.


The strut didn't even fit when I got it as the holes hadn't been drilled at the correct angle.


Sprinting is fun but SV's are unlikely to be at the sharp end. ☹️

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