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Yet another radiator gone so off to radtec


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Don't forget you can get a Club discount here, but you have to order by phone as their website doesn't have the facility to process it.

You can ask them about the fan then, but on the K-series rad I have just received it has brackets fitted to accept the original fan (with plastic "legs" unclipped) *thumbup*



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The Sigma radiator I got from Radtec didn't have brackets for the standard Caterham fan, but I cut the brackets off my old radiator, bent a step in them and bolted them on to the radtec mounts.


It wasn't very difficult, and all I needed was four short bolts with nyloc nuts.



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Just in case anyone searches this later on.


The standard fan fits fine. Slide the 4 legs off the standard fan and use the slot left behind to hold the new nut as a captured nut. This will make sense if you look a the current fan.

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