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Carpet laying cost


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Quick sense check please. Have found a local carpet fitter who we would like to support but I'm just trying to make sure we're not paying £hundreds over the odds.


3 bedrooms - lift, new underlay, and dispose of old carpet. Reuse edging bits. £400 plus new carpet at c. £20-£25/sqm. (47sqm)







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Does the £400 include the new underlay? That can be as much as the carpet itself if you get carried away. I always buy the underlay myself (screwfix sell good stuff much cheaper than carpet shops). The actual fitting of underlay and carpet is about £40-50 for a good sized room.
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We paid £1775 for 4 bedrooms, 1 landing and 2 sets of stairs at the back end of last year.


Only bit that was re-used was the gripper rods. They disposed of the old stuff, and that price included the underlay, labour and new carpet.


Took almost a full day to do - we have 2 sets of stairs so that prob added time / cost.


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