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The Supercar Event - Dunsfold

car photographer

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Just did my first handling day in my new 7 at the The Supercar Event and loved it.

Some of you owners are mad.

Just done Double 12 at Brooklands, Dunsfold last weekend and will be at Castle Combe this Saturday with the 7 ... kinda addictive or does the novelty wear off ?


Anyway look out for some of my pictures in Low Flying and see more pictures and a bit of video here ???


Sorry if I've offended the Club or broken the Club rules I've had to remove as I'm not aloud to post the link to my gallery .received an email from Martin Bushaway telling me so.


I did have a link to my pictures of the Brooklands Double 12 event and was happy to give images to the club FOC for editorial usage, and I was quite happy to give away low res images too.


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It is very addictive. Whilst I still hold something back when on track (as I don't really want to bend the car), there is nothing like being able to really push in a way that is not possible on the road.


I love the photo's, any chance of getting hold of some?

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We went on the Sunday to help out and had a great time. All the customers seemed happy with the experience ranging from 'good' (teenager), Awesome! and continuous uncontrolled giggling (one of the Children's Trust volunteers).


I have some videos from the Sunday here


Did anyone get photos or video from the Sunday lunchtime demos?


Thanks *smile*

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