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Penn7's meet this Saturday Pre meet Blat if the weather holds


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Quoting MartinH: 
I'm in. Fingers crossed for the weather.


Good luck at Aintree Phil. No jokes about getting your wheels nicked please... *wink*


Thanks Martin

Taking my son who can watch with his Grandad who lives at Aintree so should be good especially after just having the car mapped *thumbup* What a difference

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Hi all,


Won't be there, not going to make many this year at this rate!!!


Off out for my stag do!! Just over a month before the wedding!


Have fun!





P.s. Anyone got a passenger door, I lost mine whilst driving 😳 *eek*

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Ed *eek* *eek* not long now mate *wink* Have a fab weekend and good luck finding a door *thumbup*

Danny 😬


Si ☹️


Phil 😬 *thumbup* good luck at the sprint


Longy 😬


Alan & Wendy *smokin* hope the weathers good for you enjoy *thumbup*


Nick *thumbup*


Weather looks promising *smokin*


Edited by - markiebabes on 25 Jun 2014 08:14:17

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Will be busy packing the 7 ready for the 'Long Way Up' departure on sunday


Southbound and down in -



Edited by - Mad Hatter on 26 Jun 2014 19:11:12

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Adam *eek* is it LSD ? Might need some additive ! Or topping up !!



Nothing serious I hope ?

Yeah i know what you mean *redface* this years just flying by !

Feeling the need for a mellow yellow blat *wink* maybe mid next month we can try *wink* hope to catch up at penn *wavey*


Carl *thumbup* car all sorted now ?


Edited by - markiebabes on 26 Jun 2014 19:55:19

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