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Sequential gearbox


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On behalf of a friend I advertise his Elite ILS200 6 speed sequential close ratio dog box. This was rebuilt early in 2013 and not had 10 hours of use since.

It is a straight swap for type 9 and CC 6 speed, I.E. mounting position.

It has short input shaft and type 9/CC 6 speed bellhousing mounting face.

It has remote oil vent catch arrangement.

I will try and find out ratios but can clarify with a 3.92 diff, 8400rpm and 13" Kumhos it reaches 140mph, first achieves 55mph, so ratios are perfect for Caterham. The gearbox only weighs 31kg with oil and gearstick, so is the lightest box on the market. It has been receiving Duratec 260bhp/185lb power for years with great reliability, so is ideal for either 2L Ford or R500 Rover application.

It comes with gear lever, gear potentiometer and a fresh Recoprop telescopic propshaft which would suit long or short Caterham engine installation. It may come with Geartronic gear indicator but TBC. The box is in a Caterham at present so could be tested and would be available in the Brands Hatch area.







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Les has not made any contact so we are not doing any so called dibs, it's available to someone who pays for it *wink*


Les if you want it make contact but there are no dibs on this


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