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Mirrors - modding the Caterham ones


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Thought this might be useful to someone....fitted circular convex glass Lucas mirrors to my Roadsport Brooklands aeroscreen and liked both the retro looks and the visibility they provided. For long tours I shift back to the normal windscreen and doors. Have never liked the Caterham mirrors - some do, well and good. Leaving for Le Mans next week and thought about how to fit Lucas mirrors to the doors. My solution was to use the Caterham mirror stands - remove the nasty plastic-backed oblong mirror, using a big drill, mullah out the turret that normally holds the plastic mirror spigot down the level of the hole at the back, thread that hole (1/4 20tpi) that normally carries the star-head fixing screw, put a spring and normal washer on the Lucas spigot and screw it in. Looks like this....Modded mirrors....takes ten minutes.
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Quoting myothercarsa2cv: 
And if you could chrome the pedestal... *smokin* Looks good *thumbup*


If you're not handy with a drill, CBS is there for you.


Has anyone tried those on a Seven with sidescreens?

They look good, but I wonder what the view would be like.



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I was lucky to receive a pair of these mirrors for my birthday *smile*


I was going to mod the original mirrors, but decided I'd have a go at folding some stainless sheet I have in the shed. I copied the angle and length from my existing brackets, and can confirm the convex lens gives a much better field of view than the standard mirrors.


http://i1170.photobucket.com/albums/r538/underhay/003_skcc/mirrors_1.jpgandhttp://i1170.photobucket.com/albums/r538/underhay/003_skcc/mirrors_2.jpgare some pictures.


The finished units are 68g each lighter than the standard mirrors.




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