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Ford Puma 1.7 in Silver


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I'm selling my 1.7 Y Reg Puma. This is a great little runabout that I've been using as a daily driver. Doing lots more motorway miles now for work so have changed to something automatic with cruise control. According to SWMBO I have too many cars on fleet now, so this has to go.





* Y Reg Ford Puma 1.7l in Silver

* Air conditioning

* CD/stero

* Heated front screen

* 113,000 miles


I bought the car in October 2010 with 69k miles on it. The service book is stamped with Ford Dealers/Independents up to that point. I serviced the car myself from there onwards.



The Good


* Great handling little coupe with fantsastic Zetec engine (breathed on by Yamaha) and wonderful gearbox.

* Cheap to insure and run. Does 48mpg on the motorway and parts are cheap (e.g. £55 for a set of Pagid front discs and pads)

* New water pump and front wishbones in 2011. New rear bushes in 2012.

* Engine starts and runs great, revs well and has a surprising turn of speed. Handling is great (especially after new front wishbones and rear bushes)

* Interior in great condition

* Bodywork in pretty good condition considering age and mileage

* Cambelt/pulley was done in July 2009 at 63k miles

* 2 new Michelin Pilot Sport 3 Tyres on the front about 2.5k miles ago (the last pair did nearly 40k miles). These tyres were a recommendations from a Puma forum and are fantastic, especially in the wet

* Loads of life left in rear tyres (new N/S about 5k miles ago following puncture)

* New battery this year (with remainder of 5 year warranty if I can find the receipt!)

* Aircon is lovely and cold. All electrics works fine.

* MOT until 10th July 2015 (over 1 year as I've just had it done but retained the anniversary)

* No tax - car is SORNed (damn you continuous insurance law *nono*)

* I'll throw in the Fiesta Haynes manual (there isn't one for the Puma, but most of the mechanicals are identical to the Fiesta)



The Bad


* All Pumas have a design fault where the rear arches rust. This one is no exception, but nowhere near as bad as some (see pics for the full story).

* When accelerating after about 70mph there is a noticeable vibration( which is not present when coasting). I belive that this is worn CV joints (apparenty the inner ones cause this effect). I mention this because I want to be completely honest about the condition of the car. If I was keeping it I would change these myself pretty soon; the joints with a boot kit are about 16 quid each (http://www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk/ford-puma-1-4-1-6-1-7-cv-joint-brand-new-97-onward/). Having looked at the job I feel it's well within the capability of a home blatchatter mechanic.

* The studs which hold the strings up for the parcel shelf are missing.

* Drivers side mirror housing has a crack and is a bit loose but the electric adjustment still works.



Price : £500

Pictures : https://www.flickr.com/photos/markelane/sets/72157645252702396/#



If you're after a great little runabout which is fun to drive, then look no further. Car is in Coulsdon, Surrey. I think that's all; any questions, please shout. If I think of any more info/details I'll add them to the post.





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