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Lotus Factory Tour

Merrick Linnett

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Who would like to attend a Lotus Factory Tour on 27th September 2014 🤔


This is the Saturday before the Club Trackday on the Hethel Test Track. *thumbup* *thumbup*


Could, include the Classic Lotus side as well. *smile*


Just need an idea of numbers for now. *idea*


Price, timing etc to come later *thumbup*





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Also interested. Would it be worth seeing if people could leave their cars and trailers on-site overnight in preparation for the trackday on the Sunday? Would help those who are travelling from afar and take out the worry of leaving their 7+trailer parked outside a hotel.
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  • Leadership Team

Quoting Stephen Long: 


Longy *wink* 😬

Are you sure Stephen?


I expect it to be interesting. Lotus were good when we had the 50th anniversary meeting in Norfolk. My regret is that I should have asked more questions.

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