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Lithium batteries?


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So the Banner on my my 1992 carbed HPC has died.

Whilst I am happy to accept any weight saving the main reason for replacing the Banner with a Lithium is that I can go for a much smaller sized battery & avoid all the hassle of carbs off etc.

Any recommendations for which battery & where to purchase .

I have an isolator switch & I am aware of how to charge etc.

What does concern me is the 5 secs cranking time particularly when engine is hot after a short stop.

Any real world experience of this?



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Real world experience.


I have a 1.3kg battery bought from Meteor. It is fine *except* that it can be reluctant to turn the car over after a race session. It will start it, but I would probably go for a slightly bigger one next time. It's fine when the engine is hot under normal conditions. Battery is now 1.5 seasons old. Was allowed to go flat once (not by me) but doesn't seem to have suffered for it.


Car is 1.6 Sigma in Supersport spec.



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I have a Racing Battery RCB 400 on my Track Car with a 2.0 l Duratec.

It´s fine except when the car is sleeping outside (hotel) the night before a trackday when it's cold at night (let say below 5° C). In that case I use a track battery with a quick connector to wake it up.

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