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A dealer that backs up its promises


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In general, I dislike dealers, they tend to promise the earth at the point of sale and squirm their way out of their obligations when put to the test. So you can imagine my reluctance to buying my latest Seven from anywhere but a private sale.


Well, long story cut short, I bought my Duratec 7 3 months ago from Sevens and Classics and the buying experience was very positive. Callum was great and I remember Andy Noble telling me that their business was being founded on genuine customer service. He stated that if anything were to go wrong with my 7, they'd just sort it.


Well, I've got to report that they have stood by that statement and no matter what has gone wrong, they really have just sorted it! I've had a couple of issues with my car, nothing that could have been identified prior to sale, and each time, there hasn't been any hesitation in fixing it. More than that, they did a few "extras" on the car at no charge. Tim, Andy and Callum seem very focused on carving out an excellent reputation in our small world.


So, my point is, if you are in the market for a 7, these guys always have good stock and offer genuine peace of mind. No connection, just another satisfied customer who believes in praising a dealer who seems to have got it right!

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I am very early on into my Caterham ownership but I have to say that S&C have been very, very good from the initial sale and handling of delivery, tricky finance arrangements etc They have also been very patient with my noob questions 'is that normal, is that meant to sound like that etc.'


They quickly fixed my gear change flickering reverse light problem today and are always on hand to chat about the cars, things that can be changed if I want etc.


So far I am more than pleased with them *thumbup*

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