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strange noise from my 7


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I know our cars are not the quietest from the point of rattles and bangs but I think we get sensitive to what is good and bad.

I took my car out this morning and was aware that there was a noise that wasn't there before. It sounded like a death rattle from the exhaust falling off. I know what that sounds like *confused*.

When I got home and everything cooled down set about the investigation.


Problem found, the bracket holding one of the horns had broken and the horn was dangling by its wire knocking the rack and frame.

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I know the feeling, my cars new to me so have been getting it to suit my tastes, sorted the rear brakes, had a lowered floor fitted by Arch this week, and raised the front of the Tillet, so now I'm comfortable and can concentrate on just enjoying it.


Climbed aboard, off I went, letting the oil warm up, had forgotten my earplugs, and hear a noise, a real rattle from the offside hub, aborted the run, went home jacked her up....pads rattling on their pins, but that wasn't the noise I heard, after more faffing it turns out to be the flipping centre cap in the wheel!, ....


Looking forward to an early run tomorrow ....

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