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It's the Seven's MOT day...


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It's here again, MOT day is here for the Seven. Hopefully nothing to worry about, but I never go into MOTs with much confidence.


The biggest worry for me is I they have to tweak the carbs for the emissions test. I've got the letter from CC stating my engine is old enough to need a basic emissions test, but there's still room for them to need to tweak it. I'll get as many pics as I can so that I can compare before and after.


It's not until late morning, so plenty of time to give it a clean and get those pics.


Fingers crossed! Andy



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I think Millwood is the place to go (albeit I live within 10 miles).

But I was so surprised last month when my car failed on handbrake which was found to be working on one side only. Bit of a b****r since I only used (the h/b) once but I forgot to release it (my car is a classic with an under-dash handbrake which is easy to overlook). Could smell smoke thought someone was having a bonfire. Some miles later the smell was still with me and realised it was my brakes.

Apparently the cylinders were leaking a bit and had to be changed. Got a bill for over £200 but now have a very good pedal and hopefully there will be no problem next time.

Bit galling as only 1500 miles or so since I had new cylinders as part of a complete new live axle but there we go. Such is old "technology" I suppose.

But never had any problem with emissions!

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Mine's a classic too and in the past I've had a garage tweak the emissions and only tell me afterwards that it initially failed. Then the car lost a bit of poke but fuel economy improved (pretty clear that they made it run a bit less rich).


I've not used Millwood as they're a bit far for me to drop it off and collect. Since the incident above, I've tried to use BC recommended garage for these things.



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