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Nice Bits for Sale from 2002 S3 SLR - MB Wheels, FIA Bar, Petty Strut, Half Hood, AO21s, 4.1CWP


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All nice bits, from a 2002 imperial chassis S3 SLR, as follows:


MB Wheels, look in excellent condition to me. 7.5x13 (2no) & 8.5x13 (2no) shod with well used V70a Kumhos 215/50/13 (front) 235/50/13 (rear). Tyres good for track or hooning only. Also includes correct fixing nuts too: £600 no longer for sale as have decided they're too darn perty to sell, so I've bought Martin.S' tyres to go on them! 😬






SBFS Half Hood, for S3 with FIA diagonal bar, includes carry bag and all straps. £130 inc postage Sold to Miltec




FIA roll bar (crossing diagonals) with petty strut, S3. £150


Roll Bar


Yokohama A021s, full set (2no) 205/60/13 near wear bars, still legal (1-2mm left?) (look like they more tread on them than new A048s'!), (2no) 185/60/13 look pretty new, nowhere near the wear bars! £100 Sold to Mike




Items can be collected nr jct 6 M25 (RH1) else I have used anyvan.com or parcelmonkey.com for bulky courier deliveries if anyone wants to arrange collection.


Hopefully soon I'll have a 4.1 CWP for sale too though not sure what the going rate is, and possibly also a carbon driver's floor pan (if it comes out in one piece!), again no idea on price!




Chris *wavey*





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*idea* I have a pair of as new front 1.5 inch outers i would gladly swap for the 2.5 inch outers on the advertised wheels if it helps anyone, Or i also have a pair of very very good front MB wheels complete on 1.5inch outers to swap with the purchaser of the 2.5 outer fronts if it helps. Just a mention if it helps the original posting with a sale *wavey*
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2GBR, I might take you up on either the 1.5" outers or just a straight front wheel swap if I don't sell the wheels (I still love the look of them).


I'll give it a few days on here to see if they shift...




Chris *thumbup*

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Apologies Chris, I've just remembered someone did contact me by email last night (7miltec if he's on here!). So in ordder of dibs I have to sell to him first.




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