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L'erocia Britannia


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I have a bike which conforms to the entry criteria, however my the contents of my wallet do not *eek*


Can't remember (the last time I suffered) a road bike 😬


Lovely part of the world as well, have done the Tissington Trail several times in the past, cycle all the way to the top from Ashbourne - have a scaldingly hot pie - then cycle back down - lots of very fresh air (and water if the weather turns on you).


Thanks for posting *thumbup*

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I've a Dawes Imperial from the winter of 1982 which I cycled home from Broadribb's Market St, Oxford, it too is a celebration of Ti's 531 tubing the frame having tubes forks & stays made from it plus also the front forks, the group set and everything else are as it was when hand assembled and yet now it's worth more split for parts than as a whole !


I too don't have any cycling apparel from the 1980s (didn't back then either!), don't think I owned any proper cycling gear until the mid 90's and I still prefer toe clips on any bike none of this modern cleated stuff for me!

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