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It is work but

Golf Juliet Tango

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I am sitting in the sports ground of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and contemplating the surroundings and view.

The latter is significantly improved by the absence of Chelsea Barracks (ugly, obtrusive and surely unmourned). Regretably there will soon be new concrete/steel/glass structures defiling the view.

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No, I think of retirement on those days when the soft-brown stuff is hitting the air-conditioning or if I am ankle deep in mud or snow. When everyting is working and the job is pretty cushty, the sun is shing and there are girls in summer dresses swanning around, I have other thoughts.

Not that I could afford any of the Quatari development (to which I may be doing an injustice as the blocks will be 8 floors high, whereas the barrack towers were 13).

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