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Curbourgh 2 Clubmans event


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All competitors and drivers must produce a valid Competition Licence, Club Membership Card or Championship

Registration card as appropriate. (A properly completed and signed licence application form, together with the

appropriate fee, may be accepted in lieu of Competition Licence.)



I am reading this 2 ways -

1 ) I need an MSA licence and a Club Membership or

2) I need 1 of the 3 options


At Blyton for their speed series you can buy a "1 event" licence.

I have offered to lend FiFi to an ex Academy racer but would like to pit myself against him to see just how slow I am


Also do I need a petty strut ?

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Will you be going for the new lap record? *wink*


Yes, you'll need a petty strut. I think as a clubman you'll need a licence (or the alternative) and a club membership card, but not a championship reg card.


As well as safety kit and timing strut/beam breaker.



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As said above you will need either:


An MSA license (you'll need to fill a form and post it off with a cheque in good time to receive your licence before the event)


You turn up at the event with an application form for a licence and the appropriate cheque which the MSA steward will accept.


And your club membership card


(unless requirements have changed *biggrin*)

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You need as a minimum


MSA Licence Non-Race National B

Lotus 7 club membership card


the easiest way to get your MSA licence is apply on line at www.msauk.org , and you have plenty of time to apply still.


If you are using a roll bar, this needs to be an FIA style (i.e. not the standard caterham one) and must have the petty strut fitted.


Check out the 2014 intro to sprinting slides here which give loads of advice.


Edited by - comp.scorer on 20 Jun 2014 15:35:48

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PS the 1 event licence offered at Blyton is not the MSA licence but a 1 event membership of the organising club for those not belonging to another invited club.
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