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Extra - Extra - F1 cars to get Scalextric style MagnaTraction

Harry Flatters

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If they just want really fast cars with more excitement, I think they should go closed-wheel.


Also, make the races longer, to make pitstops for fuel and tyres a necessity rather than a some invention, and to bring tactics more to the fore.


With the longer races, maybe permit more than one driver per car, to share the driving demands?


Next, to help differentiate teams, give more freedom to use different engine types and fuels, and permit the use of various types of hybrid system, be that a flywheel, electrical storage, whatever.


Maybe also increase the excitement and make for bigger grids by including some further classes of car, maybe some that aren't quite so quick but are cheaper to build and run, all racing together on the same track and the same time, to make overtaking and dealing with slower traffic a distinct skill that differentiates better and less-good drivers.


Finally, maybe, rather than having a race in the dark "for a bit of something different", have a race or races that are sufficiently long that darkness for some period is unavoidable, rather than a manufactured element.


Oh, wait. Too late...



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F1 is just a boring procession these days with just about the only overtaking being "engineered" using DRS.


What I'm sure people really want to see is more overtaking but without the passing car being given a temporary advantage.


So go back to steel brakes. This would increase braking distances dramatically and as that's where most overtaking takes place we would actually see more close racing.


I pretty much gave up following F1 15 years or so ago. I then watched a season of Indy Cars and was amazed at how much more entertaining it was with lots or passing under braking. As far as I can recall that was put down to steel brake discs.


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Wouldn't reducing front tyre size have the same effect? this would increase braking distance surely, then reduce aero and get back to engineering rather than aero as the deciding element. F1 has become less interesting in proportion to aerodynamic progress as far as i can see.
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They just don't get it do they? The reason why sparks were good in the 80s was because they were a spectacular result of pushing the setup and tech of the cars to the limit. The same effect manufactured does not have the same appeal.


I'm with AntonyH on this. The WEC is far more entertaining.

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So... the cars are less spectacular because the turbo absorbs some of the noise and turns it into 2 types of KW but are perceived now to be boring as they aren't as earsplittingly noisy as before... I know let's add some stuff to jazz it up a bit, perhaps they could add some Neon strips to the bottoms of the cars for the night races and inject/ignite some fuel in the exhaust for added effect, as above i really thought it was April 1st, what a load of rubbish!
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