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REGALIA POLL - What Items would you like to see included?


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Dear all,


I've created a very simple Poll (just select tick boxes) to get some feedback from Club Members as to what type of products they might like to see included within the Regalia range in the future.


This does NOT mean that these items will necessarily feature in the future but it will help me to steer some thoughts on the development of the Regalia range for the club.


I've included several items based on requests and feedback already but there is a box where you can write your own thoughts and ideas.


All in confidence - no names or emails are viewed or collected.


It takes 15 seconds to complete. Click on the link below.


Regalia Ideas


Ta *thumbup*


Dave *wavey*

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*arrowup* Jochen - patch is the correct term *smile* *thumbup*


*arrowup* *arrowup* Not on yours Danny, but they can do full stops and semi colons so happy to sort one out for you *thumbup*


























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Quoting Grim Reaper: 
Could we have a polo shirt that won't make me look like a Lidl employee?
Of course Grim...You should buy one of our club polo shirts via www.sevenregalia.com *thumbup*




Edited by - Wile7 on 23 Jun 2014 00:05:15

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