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Can anyone recommend a Weber specialist?

Michael Downing

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Like the title says, really. A contact of mine has a 1970s 7-type that has sat unused for some time and he wants to get it going again. He needs someone skilled who can rebuild/recondition the Weber carbs that are fitted to it.


Any suggestions? He is in the South Bucks (i.e. Penn Sevens!) area.


Thanks *thumbup*

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I've used Gower & Lee (www.gowerlee.dircon.co.uk/) for Weber spare parts and Southern Carburettors (www.sciperformance.co.uk) for parts for an S.U. carb I had a long time ago.


But just because the carbs have sat for a while doesn't mean they will need refurbing, unless they are a real barn find type, full of chook crap and such like. If the carbs are that far gone there will be more to do to get the thing running again.



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