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Wildlife Camera Recommendation


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Could the powers of blatchat recommend a battery or solar powered, motion activated wildlife camera to me please must be good but must be cheap (not for me but a friend) what have you got in your garden 🤔
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It would be great to hear whether it's worth it.


Lady Pelico has just been dispatched to the local Aldi.


Will give an update at the weekend 😬


Might finally find out what is eating my French beans. My money is on a tiger.

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OK. It is down in the paddock now on a tripod, but as far as I can see from the window birds are landing ON IT not in front of it *mad*


It comes with a full set of 8 batteries and a memory card, which is nice, and handy to know if you are giving it to a child as a gift.


It is of course made of plastic and the build quality is a little below my M9 *rolleyes* but is all seems to be fit for purpose. A bunch of nice menu features:


Single shot

Multiple shot

Time lapse


Still and video



There is a design flaw that the tripod mount is on the rear opening panel, so you effectively can not use the screen (which is shut inside the device) to aim as it pivots away.


The tripod mount is a boit shallow and I needed to shim it with a bit or cardboard to lack properly. But it does come with a tree/post strap and sort of minipod that you can screw or stake somewhere, just in case you do not want to leave your carbon fibre manfotto in the local park overnight.


Pics / videos later.

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Mine worked fine overnight. I've only reviewed the images on the built in screen, but they look ok for the most part.


I caught three different cats on camera - plus my usual crew of birds. I think the cats must be sensitive to the IR light at some level as in the night shots, they all look at the IR area and come for a sniff when it actuates.


Some of the images this morning (6am ish - so good light, relatively speaking) came out completely green - and others look (even on the review LCD) to have a lot of light noise (but others are fine). I suspect that the camera is making a snap decision about the exposure settings when it activates - and sometimes it gets it wrong.


I'll carry on playing and maybe check the quality on a proper laptop. All-in-all, on first impressions it seems ok to me. The price is at the upper level of what I'd want to pay for a garden toy in my current circumstances (tiny garden). Will report back!

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Last nights test results.


Placed the camera in front of a likely looking burrow. Did nt set the time, so ignore the timestamps.


Had one night activation, see the fly about 3 seconds in *rolleyes*



But at least you can see how the night vision works


Then this morning had a second hit:



And then finally. Bingo. I need to get the video verified but I think it is a Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos).

Brown Bear

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Annoyingly, it forgets your settings if you turn it off. Just checked the days footage to find it had reverted to single-still mode.


...but did then work out that you can up the resolution to 1080p video and 12-meg (size, I'm guessing - as it is a 5mp camera) stills.

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you can up the resolution to 1080p video and 12-meg


I *think* it upscales rather than this being the native resolution of the sensor...so you might be better doing this on your laptop.


I have noticed that the close focus distance is not quite ideal for bird table shots.



Kept me amused during a day of conference calls though.

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