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Radtec question


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Recently I ordered a replacement radiator for my Sigma powered SV. I got no joy with Radtec direct but ordered one of their radiators via Seven Speed. It was shipped direct to the garage who are doing some work on my car.


I thought it would be a straight swap. That appears not to be the case. Apparently the inlet and outlet points are fouled by the radiator shroud.


Anyone have any relevant experience they can share?


Thanks in anticipation.



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I've just ordered direct (by telephone) with no problem at all, and got the Club Discount *thumbup*

Mine should arrive Friday to be fitted Sunday, so hopefully will be OK: although mine is a K series, and they did ask what engine it was when ordering so maybe they're different?



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I have swapped a sigma (plastic) for a radtec replacement and it was a straight swop. My car is an ex Academy S3, but I didn't have any cowl or shroud fitted.


The rad is much thicker than the original, which makes it a tight fit to the nose cone, so I am not sure what being it a cowl would bring.





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