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Thanks Mankee, I'll give him a go.


Is delivery fairly prompt? I've a trackday early July


My trackday rims are 6" x 13, and currently have an old set of R888s 185/60 R13 on, so I think it's the 16/53 - 13s I need??





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16 53's will be fine.

185/60's are nominally around 552mm overall diameter, and the 16 53's are nominally 530mm diameter, so the car will sit roughly 10mm lower, which should not be a problem for track use.

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I used super-slicks last year for a pair of 20/54-13s and, from memory, they came within a few days. Pretty decent tyres as well, but I slapped on some tyre softener for good measure. Much better than rinsing ~£360-odd of road-legal semis in terms of VFM if you don't need your tyres to run on public roads. I use 16/53-13s on 13x6J rims.
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