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Fuel? Misfiring


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Hi there, not used the site before and a bit of a new boy to the world of Caterhams, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction re a problem I have encountered this evening.

The car is a 150 sigma Roadsport and has been running perfectly with a service at Millwood and MOT 3 weeks ago and no issues. Started her up his evening and she is missing, popping and banging from the exhaust far more that normal. Very hesitant when I took her down the road and some soot blowing from the exhaust. Any thoughts, could it be the probe in the cat or bad fuel although it always has the decent stuff from Shell or BP. Your advice would be appreciated . *confused*

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Thank you for the kind welcome, well problem identified, neighbours woken, oops! 😳 And new part to be ordered and fitted. Thank you so much for the advice.
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