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Country Life

Mike C.

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Might be a bit late, but picked up a copy of *idea*Country Life magazine at Heathrow last Thurs (11th June issue).


It's a Special Edition dedicated to all the qualities and ingredients that make Britain 'Great' (including Scotland *wink*). Packed with great articles and a particularly enjoyable read when abroad - with Elgar playing in the background 😬.


And, only £3.20 - should still be in newsagents today.

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😬 😬 😬


Haven't checked the deb, but an indulgent look at the things we do best - country houses, gardens, landscape, food & drink, museums, events, television, culture, the arts, invention, design, fashion, cars, sports, music, theatre, schools, etc, etc....even a bit by Nigel Farage on British Pubs, including his Top 10.


I made a point of leaving my copy in the reading lounge of a French hotel.

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Quoting McBreadhead: 
So what's this week's deb like]


Lady Prunella Ponsenby Screwpiece has just graduated from a scholarship at the university of Wooloomooloo. Cracking bint, partial to a bit of horizontal yoga I hear 😬



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